Writing and literature exists from decades. In the beginning there were pictures as a source of non-verbal communication. After the emergence of languages, non-verbal communication was made easier with writing.

With the rapid growth in various uses of writings, the disease of plagiarism arose in eighteenth century, which spread at a pace. Plagiarism is defined in dictionary as “copy”, “close imitation”, “using other’s written material and presenting as own” etc. This activity was started by the writers to skip hardships of research writing. By copying other’s original work, ideas, thoughts, opinions, experiments, research etc, it became easier for writers to fraudulently represent it as their own piece of writing.

Until 21st century it remained tolerated, however, there have been measures taken to minimize the Plagiarism in various aspects or writing. With the increase in technology it became easier to search and copy material from the websites. This is one of the crimes of copyright infringement and is penalized. Softwares have been introduced which could detect that a piece of writing is Plagiarized or an original creation.

Students at high schools have started to face several problems due to Plagiarism. While doing their assignments they would have to search out for material on the websites or in different books. Certainly these sources are not their own creation. So how to differentiate if an assignment is done by the student himself or copied for a shortcut? The teachers and academic authorities of various educational institutes came up with the solution to make the students learn about what Plagiarism is and how to avoid it. The students have now become aware of what the acceptable writing practices are and by what ways they can attain their desired grades.

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