A reflective essay is a kind of essay which gives the reflection of your state of mind. A Reflective essay may be written on your past experience, an event, an experiment or any task you do after which you receive an outcome.

Students at graduate and under graduate level are required to write reflective essays because these essays describe the learning experience which the student has gained out of a project or after a term. At times, students are given choice to select their topic, and then writing a reflective essay becomes more interesting because the student can choose to write an essay about any past memorable experience.

How to write a good reflective essay?

The structure of the essay remains same with an introduction, main body paragraphs and the conclusion. Select a topic for your essay. Take some time to think about the entire experience and write it down as a draft of your essay. Revise the draft and put the points in an order to give a structural view to your essay.

In the introduction give an overview of what your essay is about. A brief background of what event or project you are describing, what was your role in it, and what made you choose that are a few things to include in the introduction of your Reflective essay. Develop a thesis statement which would create a picture in the reader’s mind of what your essay is about.

The middle paragraphs of the essay include all the relevant details of the topic. In this part, develop the points describing your process or the experience. Each point should be given one paragraph. Make sure you do not deviate from the main topic, or else your essay would sound uninteresting. A well written reflective essay not only includes the positive aspects but also describes the negative ones. You can always write what went wrong, so that it gives a realistic essence of experience to the reader while reading the essay.

The conclusion of the essay is a brief summary of the outcome you achieved, the opinion you generated or the lesson you learned from that experience. Revise your thesis statement in a different way to take the reader into flashback of what has been told in the essay so far. You can also put recommendations if required.

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