All tools should be taken into account to identify and evaluate the most promising prospects and take into account skills, knowledge, experience, skills, personality traits, and judgment. In other words, companies that are seriously interested in talent management will use different tools to provide a more comprehensive and efficient way to identify high potential. Therefore, companies need to have a thoughtful thinking system to adapt to their strategy.

Firms need to identify ways to identify and evaluate employees against predetermined skills and roles, some of which do not currently exist. In this case, many evaluation methods companies use to identify the most promising talent, i.e. evolution of 360-degree, psychometric testing and information system in co0ntext to talent management. In other words, consuming an operative skills management system is not just about using a plethora of “standard” components such as one-step feedback, skill profiling tools, and skills use training. Line.

Generally, an annual performance review with talent identification and evaluation allows the manager to sit down with the employee, analyze performance against previously agreed goals, and identify areas for development Initial studies in talent management showed that firms relied primarily on performance appraisal with caregiver staffs. Enables to identify tired talent. In this perspective, this study emphasizes the importance of different tools in the recruitment process and the identification of key talent.

Recruitment has changed considerably over the past decade. Not only the methods, but also the overall system. How recruitment strategies have changed from old to new. Shift the hiring method to reflect new recruitment strategies reflect a broader process involving many long-term companies. Although they still use traditional methods, adopting new approaches, including web resources and networks, is an effective strategy for tracking where to look for talent or attracting available talent. It’s also useful to take on employees so that they become not just another person, but also a talent scout.