The MNC’s should try to be able to create a good and effective cultural backdrop. It is instrumental in improving the team spirit by creating a work environment culture based on that of mutual respect, definite appreciation and those of a healthy collaboration. In in turn helps the employees who are working in those MNC’s to be able to exercise their creativity, put forward their innovation idea and in the long run must be able to develop leadership skills.

Creating a good culture takes time because it is a growing process that requires constant review and analysis. One of the main reasons for creating a quality culture is leadership which gives it a healthy tune. It is important to be based on the traditions of any multinational corporation. In order to create a culture conducive to their productivity and inspiration, it may be time to start thinking about building traditions in the organization.

Without the tradition of multinationals based in Saudi Arabia, the commercial side of their profits could be in vain. It is suggested to start a session on sticky notes on Friday. This can happen when employees with their experience each week write down a name to indicate who is leading the message. Also, the managers can take the multinational team to a nearby cafe for an informal and discreet visit on Wednesday morning. Moreover, a coffee outside the office is always considered a treat. It is also important to try to do this every week or every two weeks and to manage them. After that, an employee can create more leadership positions.

Recognizing multinational employees is important because a single employee recognition process can greatly motivate multinational employees. Accredited employees often have more business hours. It is important to provide employees with regular feedback about their performance. Identification of the site has an immediate impact. Remember, the longer it takes to get the right answer, the higher the risk of losing the desired effect on morale and motivation. Ensuring that organizations adopt an original and sustainable recognition strategy to achieve the desired results, turnover of key employees is cost-effective, time-consuming and disrupts the productivity of the organization.

Multinational companies can reduce employee turnover through some practical strategies. Although turnover cannot always be prevented, they can ensure that the multinational company is the ideal workplace – a place where they do their best to honor, admire and recruit management staff and direction. One of the main reasons why maintenance employees can have a positive impact on an organization is to try to eliminate the stigma of human resources. Retaining employees is the top priority for any organization. It is often difficult for an organization to find talent in the first place. Therefore, it is important that once a new rental business is created, it becomes productive and settles quickly.

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