As a result of globalization and technological advances, a highly competitive, knowledge-based economy has emerged. As a result, the need for highly skilled workers has increased in the market. It is an established fact that talented employees are considered essential to organizational growth based on the Arab world, but are now needed to survive. This situation attracts and retains the talents of highly competitive markets.

In addition, in the current economic climate, branding has become a very valuable asset. While everyone is involved in branded products and services, the employer brand has earned a reputation and Saudi-based companies use their employer brand to attract a new pool of talented employees and retain potential talent. To create a brand of recruiting candidates, Saudi companies invest huge capital in communication and communication with the potential talent of their recruiting brand.

Developing a strong employer brand in Saudi companies based in Saudi Arabia facilitates the acquisition and retention of talent in different ways. This means that Saudi organizations must pay the utmost attention to the development and implementation of the employer branding process, as it is essential to attract and retain talent. Feels connected while financial rewards in terms of salary increases and bonuses certainly, encourage employees to work harder and stay loyal to a company, studies have shown that companies need to plan if they want the best employees to stay longer, as well as several others.

It also focuses on rewards. Money is not what drives a great team to achieve its goals and expectations. The four key areas for awarding Saudi-based companies are financial compensation, personal development; Features based on Saudi Arabia and organizational benefits. If employees do not feel valued and do not feel at the office and cannot believe they are heading to their careers, they will have no reason to be stuck in their jobs.

An effective strategy for human resources managers in Saudi Arabia is to create development opportunities in Saudi companies where employees value their collaboration because of their skills and experience. They are employees who, by all means, are ready to go the extra mile to provide the best opportunities. Flexibility, an employee does not like to be guided by policies and procedures that no longer allow him or her to breathe or relax. It is important that employees follow what their employers say, but this should not limit their ownership.

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