The quality of education is based upon the level of research work required by the students. A Research Paper represents the depth of study a student has done on a topic. It is the outcome of the observation a student does, information s/he gathers, analysis of facts and data related to the topic, and the new ideas s/he creates on the topic.

For writing a research paper you have to do a detailed study first. Select the topic of your choice. It should be relevant to your field of study, and the more you have interest in the topic, more accurate would be your Research Paper.

For the purpose of initial study approach to various sources including internet, library, and people related to that particular field. Reading would certainly help you out, but the practical scenario is usually different. Therefore, select a few persons whom you can contact and take detailed information related to your subject.

After you gather the information do your analysis. Use statistical data to create a hypothesis or an opinion which would lead to the base of your conclusion. Do not jump to the conclusion so early. Your Research Paper is your own creation, and to make a difference, you need to work more.

When you get the result of your numerical data your opinion might change from what was in the beginning. It usually happens that what you perceive in the beginning of your research is different from what you get after a proper study and observation.

After you have sufficient information to support your research, start writing a rough draft. Make an outline of what to include and in what order. Decide where to put your numerical data and how would you link it with your research. Now revise your draft twice at least. Then begin with your final report.

Formats are usually recommended by the teacher; however, if your teacher has not recommended any citation, use MLA or APA. Make sure you avoid copying word to word from any of your sources. Your Research Paper is your own effort, and any such mistake can ruin it all. After you complete typing or writing your research paper read it twice, rather thrice. Check for any punctuation or grammatical errors. Get it checked by someone else so that you could know the impression your Research Paper leaves on the reader. Once you are satisfied, submit it to your teacher.

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