Research papers are academic papers written on different research studies by the researcher. Students at various academic levels are required to write research papers for better learning of the subjects.

The instructors can easily judge the analytical skills of a student by evaluating his/her research papers. When you are given an assignment to write a research paper, you are expected to complete the task in a professional way, because research papers are written very technically.

For writing a research paper, choose a topic related to your field. The object should be specific and of your interest.

Analyze the object of study in depth. Gather information about your topic from different electronic and print media. Collect maximum information available related to experiment so that you are fully aware of the pros and cons of doing research on the object you choose.

Draw a hypothesis statement of the resultant you want to achieve. Focus on that particular area of study to reach the desired result. For example, if you are doing your research on a plant, you should describe in your hypothesis about what you want to achieve in the research. Then perform your experiment, evaluate the result, find the success level and draw a conclusion to it.

After the research work, write the process of research in your research paper which is actually required by the instructor. Follow the steps to come up with a professionally written research paper.

I.            Start with a title page. It should include the topic name and the field of study or the subject, your details, and the date of submission of research paper.

II.            The next page is an abstract which is the summary of your essay. The abstract includes the purpose of study, the object of experiment, the sources involved in it and the hypothesis of what was the benchmark of research.

III.            Then write the introduction where you introduce the reader to your research. Include all the relevant information for writing an introduction of research papers.

IV.            After introducing your topic, write about the methods and procedures carried out for conducting the experiment. Explain the whole process in a few paragraphs. Also include the apparatus, tools, or the respondents used in the research.

V.            Write the achieved resultant under the heading of Result. Explain the drawbacks due to which you could not achieve a 100% accurate result (if it is not achieved).

VI.            Write your recommendation or conclusion in the end.

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