The overall course was divided into twelve weeks and each week helped me to overcome my fears of performing a research myself. From this course I understood the importance of time and budget management. Session by session I learned different skills to use the Internet and to search. It also enhanced my analytical skills. In my opinion, learning about different kinds of research methods is very important. Moreover, attending this course helped me in enhancing my skills to think and question.

Learning about how to conduct interviews and how to work with participants will be very helpful for me in completing this course. Furthermore, studying about qualitative and quantitative research helped me in understanding the difference between both of them. This would help me in selecting the best research method, sampling technique and sample size for my research study that is required to complete my program successfully.

Now my ability to research, think and analyse and express my thoughts has grown week by week.  Before attending this course, I only knew how to reinstate what previous research has stated, but attending this session helped me in learning different ways in which I can validate my own thoughts, ideas, and hypothesis.

Since my field is business, learning about preparing interviews, developing questionnaires, and conducting interviews can be very helpful in my future. It will enable me in devising strong understanding of analyzing people’s behavior and dealing with them. Moreover, collecting data and identifying sample size can also be helpful for me in future as I would have to work on different brands in big firms. Previously, I was not very much aware of the significance of securing the data.

After attending this course, I learned how important is the data collected, how we should secure and with who we should share it. In my career, I may come across some confidential and learning from this lecture will help me in keeping the information secure and intact. Attending these session also helped me in understanding the importance of research. Research can be a significant source for me in making evidence-based decisions.

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