To help people, is considered a, professional obligation of a nurse. However, what people fail to understand, is that it takes more than just an obligation to extent assistance to those in need. Infact, what it takes is intense dedication and years of professional and emotional training to feel the passion of being of service to humanity. In my case, even before professional training, came emotional training, which was done by my mother.

As a single parent of four children, she worked day and night to give best of the best education to her children. Her efforts were not only directed towards our academic wellbeing but she was also determined to make us better human beings, who could make significant contribution to the wellbeing of the society. Therefore, it is only fair to say, that my mother has been a dynamic and infallible source of confidence and conviction for me. She not  only ‘made ‘ me do well in college but also helped me find the right profession that did not only have scope of excelling ,but also would satisfy my urge of contributing something to mankind.

Yet, I do understand, that a mere identification of the appropriate profession and determination is not enough to excel in any field. One needs to be hardworking, disciplined and be able to fully comprehend the requirements of the chosen profession. I have never been unfamiliar with the real essence of hard work. My mother has set for me a brilliant example of how hard work can change a person’s fate, and makes him achieve ones goals and ambitions.  Since I am a soccer player, I had the privilege, I was able to develop the ability, to judge the gravity of a given situation and proactively take measures in the present so that the future can be in my favor. Moreover, I discovered the importance of discipline. I found ,that discipline is the defining feature of every successful human being, and took strict measures to ensure that I would exercise discipline in not only playing soccer but also in my daily day to day life. Therefore, so far, my mother and my passion for soccer have proved to be the two strongholds of my life, and shall continue to be so in future.

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