In analyzing skills that can be earned upon completion of an online master’s degree, there are various skills that are taught in the master’s marketing degree that prepare the student for effective managerial positions in advertising, retails businesses and non-profit organizations. Some of the skills that are developed while earning an online master’s marketing degree are Critical and analytical thinking, research methods through data collection and analysis for dissertations, planning, and organizing skills, Management of time to manage deadlines, project management, advanced IT skills, and presentation skills, leading a project. Critical and analytical thinking is the “assessing of marketing possibilities” and the process of regulatory judgment using reasoned consideration to reach purposeful educated and far reaching decisions affecting the outcome of the product or service to be marketed.
Research through data collection encompasses to systematically collect information about products and services and the best methods of promoting them. If the collection of data is not systematic and haphazard, it would not be possible to arrive at a constructive conclusion about our research questions. The most popular and effective data collection methods are: Utilizing available information, Observations, Face to face interviews, and administering written questionnaires. Planning and organizing skills will entail taking initiatives by starting new actions or plans without being told, anticipate situations, Optimize use of resources, delegate, monitoring, rewarding and disciplining. Management of time for managing deadlines: This is the art of arranging, scheduling, and organizing and budgeting time for generation of more productivity and for achieving deadlines.
Time management has become extremely essential today because of the very busy world we live in.

Managing home and work responsibilities entails a special type of time management. Project management: The main task of project management is to achieve all goals and objectives within the allocated time, especially within the specified budget. This means optimizing the allocation and integration of necessary inputs to meet predefined objectives. Advanced IT skills need specific knowledge and training: It basically means becoming competent and mastering abilities and also removing weaknesses.

When you develop your IT skills, you can use it to work efficiently and effectively. Presentation skills: Make sure what you want to communicate in your presentation. An impressive presentation would be: A brief opening, your goals for the presentation, the benefits to your audience with your presentation, summarizing the key points and answering any questions asked. Leading a project: Leadership can be termed as umbrella functions encompassing the people, process, systems and resources needed for the project to succeed This means that the leader must deal with complicated systems which run the larger organizational framework. It also includes training team members to fulfill the many functions needed for the success of the project.

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