Mobile communications have revolutionized the way that people interconnect and work with each other for business and personal reasons. Currently, many people interact with smartphones instead of regular phones because of the many advanced features of these phones versus regular mobile phones. Smartphones have greater computing capabilities and much better connectivity than regular mobile phones. The Apple Smart-phone was the largest selling smartphone in China but now is in the fifth position in the Chinese market. Apple slipped from 10.4% of the Chinese market to 7.5% during the holiday season. The probable reason for the decline in sales is that local customers are currently going for local brands that sell cheaper devices.

Another reason for the declines in overall sales is that consumers were waiting to buy the advanced versions, and were not buying the smartphones that were available. Apple is now accelerating its transition from physical to digital media which has created a positive impact on its sales drive. The success of Apple’s Smart-phone has captured this share of the Chinese market is their deep understanding of local consumer behavior and preference to their instant reaction to developing customer demands. Apple has developed strong partnerships and very strong brand awareness.

These partners are making commendable progress because they focus their customer perceptions on smart phones Their latest product offer will serve to drive customer demands to greater heights and the trend in smartphones will be quite different because of its advanced features which are more advanced than any other smartphone in the Chinese market. Smartphones are now the fastest growing electronics in history and will represent a significant part in Apple’s continued domination of the Chinese market. Its strong incorporation of hardware and software helps Apple in maintaining its position as the largest smartphone seller in China.

Although the smartphone is still in the early periods in the Chinese market, analysts predict that the country could soon become “a one screen nation” as their only chief media device which will go far ahead of US consumers who use smart phones. Smartphones are considered an extension of a person’s personality and a smart connection to the world. The analysis shows that the interest in media has a greater influence as more Chinese now spend less time in watching TV or gathering information and news from print publications because they using smartphones as mobile connecting devices which are generally more convenient than previously media.