Social Institutions And Socialization Essay

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When referring to an agency, system, or organization’s shared policies, attitudes, and behaviors that enable that specific agency, design, or organization to function effectively in cross-cultural situations, the term “cultural competency” is used.

The term “culture” is constantly used because it denotes a comprehensive overview of human behavior that encompasses institutions specific to an ethnic, socioeconomic, religious, or racial group as well as values, practices, beliefs, acts, communications, and thoughts.

In contrast, the word competence is employed since it denotes having the capacity to do something well. It is clear from Lisa J. McIntyre’s book “The Practical Skeptic” that socialization involves becoming culturally competent.

Medical student protagonists make fun of emotionally gullible and unknowing victims in Frederic W. Hafferty’s article, “Cadaver Stories and the Emotional Socialization of Medical Students.” These students physically manipulate supplied cadaver pieces or complete cadavers to shock and make light of their victims’ suffering.

These victims are either emotionally fragile medical students or laypeople. According to Hafferty, the cadaver stories are primarily given as accurate recounts of actual incidents and are popular among medical school initiates and aspirants.

This article demonstrates how most people believe cadaver stories are a part of the oral tradition of medical education. This article illustrates how cadaver stories aid in the socialization of medical students.