Recent research undertaken by Thabet, Matar, Carpintero, investigates the issue and shows that India, Uganda, Philippines, and Ghana are the most prominent countries where the demand for child labor can be observed to have exponentially increased more than any other region of the world. Edmonds & Schady (2009) found that rural areas throughout the world oppress and force the children to labor, and in those areas, child slavery is also very common. Moreover, prostitution is also one of the worst forms of child labor across the globe, which is one of the greatest threats for the health conditions in India and Africa as the kind of moral corruption results in bringing the sexually transmitted disease.

Furthermore, it has been observed that child waste pickers in India have the worst health conditions because of the involvement of environmental factors that are harmful to the health of the children. Although Mumbai is a capital city of India and is in the state of Maharashtra, where child labor is officially prohibited; the Zari unit of Mumbai are accused of exploiting the children. Report from The Times India tells that the owner, Muhammad Sheikh, of the Zari unit, has bounded small children in his fabric stitching and weaving factory. It was reported by the rescued children that they were brought to the Zari factory on the promise of better food and lives.

However, they had to work for more than 12 hours in a day, without enough food. The unit was suspected for a long time, but no action was taken against them, which shows weakness in the law and order situation in the country. Another key point that was mentioned in the statement of the owner, after getting arrested, was the use of child force to minimize labor expense of a small factory, without the fear of labor strike or rebellion. .According to Self and Grabowski (2009), the ongoing economic misuse of children in India and Africa is basically an insult to humanity, which takes the regions far away from the establishment of defined civilization.

Another police case reported on child labor in Africa involves one of the most renowned chocolate brands of the world, The Hershey’s Company. The company’s reputation has been jeopardized the proven allegation of child labor involved in its cocoa plants in Africa. Owners of the company are accused of being well aware of this fact, but supported the practice of child labor by showing negligence to this reality. This case and several other that remain hidden from the eyes of media and government shows the bitter truth of child labor which is been promoted by companies, which should be discouraging it

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