The dissertation shall constitute the following sequence of chapters:

Chapter 1 – Introduction

The introductory chapter shall incorporate an establishment of the context for the research. It will serve to provide the research aim and its objectives along with an insight into the specific research questions that the research shall attempt to consider during the course of the study. The chapter will also include an establishment of the personal development objective considered by the researcher in the context of the study.

Chapter 2 – Literature Review

The literature review will provide an exploratory insight into the research through elaborations on precise sections of peer reviewed publications associated with the subject of this research. It will provide the research with a concrete foundation based on the body of knowledge that exists in the area at the time when this research is being carried out. By doing so, the chapter will also contribute to the highlighting of the relevance of this research. The chapter will also form the threshold against which the case study shall be evaluated in later stages in the research.

Chapter 3 – Research Methodology

The Research Methodology chapter shall represent a key stage in the research. It will serve to shed light on the research approach that the researcher has chosen to adopt for the purpose of this study. The chapter will constitute an evaluation of the available research approaches and a selection of the one most appropriate for the study along with a justification for the same. Primary and secondary data sources will be highlighted alongside an identification of data collection, handling and analysis procedures. The chapter will also single out potential limitations that it may face in later stages of the research.

Chapter 4 – Case Study

Once the foundations for the research have been established and the research methodology has been established, the fourth chapter will comprise data on the Case Study of Dell. The chapter will shed light on particulars and specifics of Dell without allowing any generalization to take place with regard to the subject of the research and/or the discussion itself. The chapter will make use of publications that specifically address Dell’s implementation of Value Chain Management as well as corporate publications by Dell itself. The chapter will serve as the most important part of the dissertation since it will constitute the gathering of data regarding Dell and the degree to which it manages to derive utility from its Value Chain Management implementation.

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