Sample Thesis Paper


Marketing in the current scenario has become a key and the most strategic tool from an organization’s perspective as it is now widely used by small as well as large multinational companies for the purpose of creating awareness of their brand name and product lines in the market but also to increase their sales volume and generate much more revenue through marketing activities (Farris, 2010, p. 232).

Listerine has been a very commonly known oral health care name which deals in variety of oral health care products such as tooth pastes, mouth wash and other mouth freshening products. With intense competition in the market it is of key importance for Listerine to draft a marketing strategy that could enhance the sales volume for the company (Kotler, 2008, p. 124).

In brief, marketing strategy for Listerine would be more focused towards identifying a segment that actually is more active towards using oral health care products very often and then coming up with marketing plan which could be executed so that the sales of the company would enhance. Marketing would involve advertising Listerine ads on different media’s which would include billboards, magazines, television and other social networking sites. Apart from advertising, Listerine would be adopting the key step of Direct Marketing and Personal Selling which would prove to be much more beneficial for the company to produce quality results (Bratton, 2008, p.199). These marketing tools would leave great impact on customers instantly and can also result in spreading of positive word of mouth. Database marketing and Sales Promotion too are vital elements of marketing strategy for Listerine as it could make use customers data that has been using oral care products and then attracting them by sales promotion techniques like coupons and discounts (Kotler, 2008, p. 122).

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