An applicant persona is a representation of MNC’s ideal candidate based on the business need and MNC’s existing employees. When creating applicant persona(s), the business organization or the MNC’s need to consider behavior patterns, candidate motivations, and goals. The more detailed the business organization or the MNC’s are, the better. Applicant personas provide significant insight into what they want to look for in the job market. A detailed applicant persona will help them determine where to invest time and allow for alignment with the business. As a result, they will be able to attract the most suitable and hence most valuable applicants to MNC’s organization.

The business organization or the MNC’s find their candidate or personas using different tools or selection process. There are multiple candidate sourcing techniques including recruiting and retention database, social media, online job portals, via referrals as well as through recruiter network that are generally used by hiring professionals. With the candidate persona in mind, it makes much easier to see which sourcing strategy works better and which ones that are not so favorable.

Candidate experience is a very critical part of the hiring process. There are various aspects of it including communication on their application, answering their queries in each phase of the process, and of course, giving them enough chance to evaluate life at work in MNC’s organization. The reason is hidden behind the question as if ‘Why should they join a particular organization?’

The way a recruiter has her candidate persona in mind, the candidates also have a clear idea about the type of organization they would like to join. So, it becomes very important to communicate how employment is going to be a mutually beneficial arrangement for both the employer and the employee. The process for hiring an associate is way different than filling a senior position. The sources change, the way recruiter communicates also changes as the persona changes.