Sample Thesis Paper

1.0 Introduction

The purpose of this work is to investigate successful recruitment and
selection approaches in examination of alternative routes which can be
applied in United Response (U R) a private service provider in the
health and social care sector operating in England and Wales.
The subject of recruitment and selection has drawn extensive attention
from numerous researchers and practitioners over a long period of time.
A number of authors in the area of Human Resource Management
(HRM) (Beardwell et al., 2004: Roberts, 2008; Bratton and Gold, 2007)
have written on the importance and contribution of recruitment and
selection in ensuring organisations have the right people at the right
time and doing the right job to deliver operational excellence, business
development and contribute to the overall success of ambitious
For example Beardwell et al., (2004) state the importance of ensuring
the right people are selected to join an organisation’s work force has
become increasingly apparent as the emphasis on people to be the
prime source of competitive advantage has grown. Although most
organisations now recognise their future success lies to a large extent in
finding and retaining talented employees endowed with appropriate
attitudes, ability, skill, knowledge and personality to perform. The author
is of the view that, organisation’s attempts to find and fit the right people
in the organisation’s structure and functions can come at a greater
financial cost and can be time consuming due the length of procedures
involved. However, despite the recent economic recession which has
resulted in increase in unemployment rate, Richardson, (2009)  argues
that there is  continuous increase in competition for best talented people
in many sectors, consequently  the cost of not recruiting the right people
for the right jobs can be devastating. Recruiting the right people will

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