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This section of the report would compare the American Information Operation with the Russian Operation. As identified by Carr (2008, p. 7) in his report that when Russian tried to control the flow of information during the Chechen conflict, USA was amazed was to see that the US territory was easily accessible by the special services of Russia. This meant that Russian IO was quite strong initially. However, with the passage of time, American IO has excelled in relative to the Russian IO. Burton (n.d, p. 10) has identified that Russian IO is weak due to the weak economic positions, which in turn is responsible for lower technological advancement in comparison with the of USA.

America today faces great threat from both, Taliban and Russia. In anticipation of the possible attacks, which may be in the form of cyber warfare, USA has decided to deploy Echelon Global Telecommunications Monitoring System in collaboration with the major ally countries. This would US to monitor not even the individuals’ communications but also of that of the diplomatic, governmental, and overseas interactions as well (Weekly Independent military newspaper, 2000, n.d).

The elementary difference between Russian and American IO is the level of technology adopted by the countries. Secondly, Russia emphasizes on the psychological aspects. Lastly, Russian regards IO has a tool for altering the target information under the terms of information warfare (Burton, n.d, 11). Burton also identified US writings are not based on operational thinking since they do not follow the scientific approach (Burton, n.d, p. 39). The US IO is well equipped in terms of technological aspect. But it does not possess the thought processes that are embodied in the Russian Information. If US want to have complete command over IO then it must study the thought patterns of other model as well, such as the IO of China and Russia. It has also been identified that Russia has excelled IO by using the discoveries made my West, particularly USA (Thomas, 2004, p. 15).

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